Claiming After a Slip or a Trip

April 15, 2013

An injury sustained from either a slip or a trip is one of the most common forms of accident.  A slip or a trip occurring on private property such as at a supermarket that led to you suffering injury can result in a claim.  The following tips should act as guidance when considering calling the accident compensation solicitors who will pursue your claim on your behalf.


Make the supermarket aware

If you’ve reason enough to believe the injury inflicted was due to negligence on the part of the supermarket or shop you should make a member of staff aware.  The majority of supermarkets and big shops should have an accident or incident book in store.  Ensure a member of the supermarket staff fill this out for you as it’s helpful when making your claim.  If this isn’t captured in the incident or accident book it may be difficult to establish that the accident occurred in the store, especially if no CCTV caught the incident.

When you are having the incident recorded in the book ensure you do not make any guarantees it terms of whether or not you will be pursuing them regarding an accident claim.


Understand your surroundings

Straight after an accident has occurred the first you think of is not necessarily your immediate surroundings.  Knowing or having a vague idea of your surroundings could become paramount in making your claim for compensation.  Slipping on a supermarket floor that has no warning sign indicating a slippery surface should be noted, a sign giving warning would assume a reasonable person would not walk across or would at least take more care.  Make a note of the environment and any issues resulting from supermarket neglect should be noted.

If people rush to your aid, which many would if close by, it is highly likely they saw the incident.  A witness statement in a compensation claim case can be extremely useful.  Even if no one tried to make a dramatic rescue bid check to see if there were any witnesses close by.  Anyone who did see the accident occur will be vital witnesses so be sure to get their contact numbers.


Contact a Compensation Solicitor

To begin the claim for accident compensation you will have to contact an experienced solicitor who has experience within this area of law.  This is the very first step in beginning the claim against the company who own the premises.

Claims for compensation that involve accidents, especially if you are up against a big corporation can often become complicated due to specific legal issues sometimes arising.  The better the compensation solicitor then the better the chance of success, so ensure you are able to acquire the services of a seasoned and experience solicitor.

Legal elements that involve the level of compensation that will be estimated will all be handled on your behalf.