Checking In.

The last week has been slightly nuts. Between being away at Blogher 12 for 4 days (and opting to turn off my work email) and San Francisco for the last 2,  I barely have had time to log into WordPress.

There are 4 posts that are pending/almost done with Blogher 12 recaps, lessons learned etc, and each of them need cleaning up, which I hope to be able to do on the plane ride back home tonight.

I wanted to stop by and leave a quick note so people don’t think I feel off the face of the planet again. It has been known to happen. Oh, and I made a really quick/ short video about my new favourite food stand in New York. I just need to learn how to edit it, and will be posting that up too.

Thats right, I said a video!

I don’t see you all around here over the weekend. hope you have a great one!

Ps. Have you voted for your Favorite PF bloggers in the Plutus Awards yet? Here is the link. Make sure they know that they are loved!



I found this meme hilarious because this is what happens when I take my brother shopping.


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