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The Frugal Foodie: Tips That Won’t Disappoint Your Taste Buds

October 4, 2017

Your inner foodie may well be buried under mountains of debt, but luckily you don’t have to fork out a fortune to eat well. It’s time to retire those packets of Ramen noodles and boxes of Kraft Dinner for good. Head into the grocery store and kitchen armed with these tips, and you’ll start eating well on a budget.

Stay Organized

A frugal foodie’s best friend is an air-tight strategy. Organization is an essential hack for anyone hoping to save some moolah on their meals. From shopping lists and meal plans to budgets and coupons, your plan of attack should be fully fleshed out.

Most of the world’s top chefs have their own websites where they compile their favorite recipes, and if they don’t, they’re often featured in well-known publications and websites that share their masterpieces. A quick online search will produce a variety of frugal yet flavorful recipes to test out. You can even find meal plans designed around certain budgets.

Jot down the ingredients you’re missing and keep your list close to you. When you shop with a list in hand, you’re more likely to avoid temptations you don’t need.

The Frugal Foodie: Tips That Won't Disappoint Your Taste Buds
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Polished to perfection: 5 simple styling tricks for looking flawless

October 25, 2016

Everyone has that one friend who always looks as though she’s just returned from a week at the spa, even when she’s stepping off an overnight transatlantic flight. It’s hard to take when you happen to be the friend who constantly looks like she’s just rolled out of bed.

How do they manage it? What kind of black magic is keeping their hair flawlessly in place, despite the raging storm outside? Do they have a stylist secretly following them about? A pact with the devil?

Luckily we’ve got the answers, and you won’t need to burn through your credit rating or sell your soul to take advantage of them.

Looking perfectly polished all comes down to a few thrifty styling tricks which are super easy to emulate.

Three Ways to Earn a Passive Income


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Time is running out! Prep your Xmas outfit now!

November 24, 2015

You’re running out of time! You’re counting down the days and pulling out your hair and watching your blood pressure rise in line with your panicked face. Your predicament? You’ve only got a few weeks to choose you Christmas outfit for the work’s night out.

Don't know what to wear this holiday season? Here are 3 easy and simple ways to dress up your holiday wardrobe and look glamourous!

It might seem like a trivial panic, but these are important issues. This could be the only time your colleagues see you in your glad rags for the entire year. But you’ve been working too hard – you don’t have time to find the latest trends.

Fear not – we’ve tracked down a number of fashion must-haves for the festive season that’ll make you the most stylish person at the office night out. Take a look at what we’d recommend and enjoy your festive fashion treats.

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Stress Factor: Learn How to Deal it For Good

October 31, 2015

Stress is the ultimate silent killer. Better than any apex predator, stress can strike you down when you least expect it. The success rate of stress relies on its ability to exist unseen, and the cumulative effects of its presence are usually fatal. From depression to diabetes to hypertension, stress in life is a definite negative.

But how can you fight something you can’t see?

The best thing you can do when stress is invading your life is not fight it, because “fighting” stress brings yet another stressful situation on top of everything else. The world isn’t perfect, and stress will always be present no matter what. So,instead of fighting stress, you should learn how to manage it.

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7 Simple Reasons to Take a Hike

October 27, 2015

Take a hike! It’s literally awesome for your mind, body and soul. Hiking is probably one of the most underrated exercises out there because people tend to think it’s easy and you won’t burn as much calories to stay in shape due to all of the walking, stopping to look at the flowers and stopping to marvel at mother nature’s handywork.

But any form of exercise is better than zero, and a hiker who logs in half a day on the trail is doing way better in terms of overall health and well-being when compared to a person of the same age who logs in half a day sitting in front of a computer updating his social media accounts and eating a Twinkie.

healthy lifestyle fitness sporty woman running early in the morning in forest area fitness healthy lifestyle concept, 7 Simple Reasons to Take a Hike

If you’re still not convinced that hiking is the bomb, here are 7 reasons why going on a hike is the best thing you can do for yourself today and for the rest of your life.

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How to Make Your House Look More Expensive On a Budget

September 4, 2015

Did you just move? Bought your first condo? Or did you just move in your significant other? Are you sick of the current way your house looks, but don’t have a huge chunk of change to switch up the decor?

Don’t worry! I have you covered.

Home is decor is such a personal thing. It’s your home. The place that you’re supposed to be most comfortable in. And if you’re anything like me, you long to make it look magazine worthy all the time. I craved the ultra lux, super organized looks that you seen in magazines. The ones that we pin to our home decor boards on Pinterest. The problem is that I travel so often for work, that most of my free time and money are spent on other things.

So I went looking to find ways that I could lux up my place with going over budget or spending more than a few hours.  Are you anything like me?

Want to decorate your fabulous place but don’t know where to start? Have you looked through about a billion design magazines and then thought- I will never be able to afford that! Well, follow along as I show you how to make your house look more expensive on a budget.

How to make your house look expensive on a budget

Good news! Design doesn’t need to mean overpriced. Here are a few small and inexpensive pick-me-ups which can be done for next to nothing and will give your place a whole new feel? Consider the options…

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