Why Going To Conferences Is Worth The Money

Conferences are way more than the speakers on stage, they are a lifeline to others just like you- others who are passionate about the same topics, and are quite possibly in the same stage of their career or entrepreneurship journey.

Why Conferences?

I’m a builder by trade. I help people and companies think outside the box when it comes scaling their businesses. It is, and will always be, my passion. That said, it’s really hard to find people who are in the same mindset that I am all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I did 9 years at one of the biggest communications firms in the country, and totally understand the value and security that having a title at a firm provides, but having friends who all do that makes it really hard to find creative energy when you need it. Conferences, mastermind groups, mentorships, coaches, are all my lifelines to step outside the bubble that surrounds in my day to day live.


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You should always seek value  

To get yourself financially free, to make good investments and to get through life in a calm and relaxed manner – you should always seek value.

This applies equally to picking out your groceries at the supermarket, to buying a car, buying a house or an apartment, picking out investments for your future – and any other transactions you make through life.

So what do we mean by value, exactly? This may seem an obvious question with an obvious answer, but it isn’t. In fact, you could write a whole economic thesis on what does or doesn’t constitute value. But to simplify things, it means buying something at less than what you perceive to be its intrinsic value. This is not to be confused with simply buying cheaply.


The value feeling

You may already know the value feeling you get now and again when you’re in the market for something like a car, a house or something much smaller scale. You look at a few then you see what appears to be the ideal candidate – but it’s markedly cheaper than you would expect it to have been.

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A Budgetary Workout for Your Business

Trying to budget is a lot like exercising – while we all know that we should do it, avoiding it and being a slob seems a heck of a lot easier. And when we get round to it every once in a while, the strain really shows.

But if you’re running a business, you can’t afford to pull a financial muscle, lest you descend into a spiral of debt. Yet, according to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 businesses fail within the first 18 months of opening their doors – and poor financing is largely to blame.

So, if you’re trying to make the most of your finances, what do you need to do to avoid pulling a monetary muscle?

Know Your Alternatives

While larger banks might not be willing to trust an ailing company, you could turn to the numerous alternative finance companies that focus on your niche sector.

Factoring companies, construction finance, crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and many more are available to the business in need of cash – and they’re becoming more successful by the year, raising billions for SMEs.

The best of these businesses will cater to your specific market and, like a bellowing personal trainer, help get your finances in check.

A Budgetary Workout for Your Business

Find a Finance Aficionado

If you find that financial jargon flies over your head like a soaring decimal point, then it’s time to get an accountant in on the act.

With an effective accountant, your finances will be in a much healthier state, leading to fewer errors that might pique the tax man’s interest. More than this, your accountant can act as a suitable sounding board to help you make the right choices for your business.

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Five things to remember when writing your professional resume

The job market out there is tough. Hundreds of applicants are applying to fill one position. Your job is to stand out from the crowd. How are you going to make your application look different from the hundreds of applications being considered? Here are some helpful to tips to keep in mind when writing your resume. Stuck on the job search? Make sure you’re looking at all the online job boards such as OneShift .


Your resume is all about selling yourself. Talk about your accomplishments. What have you done? What are your goals? Use your resume to tell your potential employer about your past experiences and what you have been doing lately. Give details about your performance and what you brought to each role. Do not be afraid to puff yourself up, a resume is not a place to be modest.


Organise your resume appropriately. Employers are going to look quickly over your credentials for items that stand out. Putting your resume in an easy-to-read format will help to get most of the information off the page for the employer. Long pieces of text are tedious and information cannot be as easily gathered. Try listing information instead of using paragraph form. Use only the most important information, so that the employer is not overwhelmed with items that will not resonate.

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