How to make your Resume Stand Out from the Rest

Applying for a new job is hard enough as it is, especially when you’re competing against multiple other applicants who may have exactly the same experience and prospects as you do. So how do you get one step ahead of these people? How do you compete?

Below are some easy tips to follow to make your resume stand out from the rest.


Gain Qualifications

The best way to beef up your resume is with a broad range of qualifications that demonstrate diversity as well as a dedication to knowledge growth. However, everyone’s availability is different, and becoming a full-time student or spending large chunks of time driving to and from campus is not always an option.

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5 Startup Business Ideas

If you have ever thought that the only people capable of starting up a successful business are those with plenty of money, specialised skills and a lot of good fortune, you may want to think again. There are countless startup business possibilities that can be made successful by people with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds. Below are some ideas.

5 Startup Business Ideas

1. Your Own Telco

Running your own telco represents a great startup business opportunity, particularly for those who have an entrepreneurial spirit, a background in sales, and the ability to effectively establish and maintain relationships with customers. To help make the setup process less overwhelming, there are providers like Telcoinabox who allow you to establish your own startup business with your own brand while enjoying the benefits of using their effective systems and processes.

Pursuing a business in the telecommunications industry means that you will be establishing a business within a growing market with strong profit potential. Although such a startup business requires dedication and commitment, you also have the opportunity to be your own boss and create a lifestyle that you enjoy.

2. Network Event Coordination

More and more people are realising that there are different and better ways to get a job than traditional approaches, such as applying for advertised positions. Consider starting up your own professional networking events at which people can mix and meet useful contacts.

These events should be advertised regularly and, beyond this, you really need to organise a speaker and put on some refreshments. If they find these events useful, people will be willing to pay an admission fee and will appreciate the opportunity to mingle.

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Tips to Get the Working Year off to a Good Start

It’s January and it’s back to work. You’ve had a bit of time off over Christmas and now it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get stuck back into it. While it can be difficult to shift from ‘holiday-mode’ to ‘work-mode,’ here are some great tips to help you get the working year off to a flying start.


Revisit Your Goals

Your business plan should clearly outline where your business is heading and how it’s going to get there. At the start of the new year, take some time to reacquaint yourself with these goals and make sure you’re on track to achieve them. Perhaps you might want to tweak them a bit to align with new strategies or circumstances. Think of yourself as the captain of a ship; you need to navigate the seas by plotting your position constantly without ever losing sight of your destination.

Review Your Resources

Having the best business plan in the world means very little if you don’t have the right resources to implement it. Perhaps you need to review your staffing arrangements or agreements with external contractors. Do you have the right people for the job and do you have too much or too little work for them? Are there more flexible HR solutions that you could implement to help boost your productivity while keeping your expenses to a minimum? There are plenty of things to think about in this category, so dedicate some time to map out the needs of your business.

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