5 Tips for a Productive At Home Office

Working from home can be a blessing. Instead of spending your day commuting, you can focus on your projects from the comfort of your own house. To ensure you stay productive while at home, check out these tips for styling a functional home office.


1. Buy a Good Desk

Your desk is the key piece of furniture in your office. It will be the home for items you rely on during the work day. A beautiful and functional design helps you concentrate on work, rather than spending your time shuffling around papers and cords. Whether you will be working from home full time, balancing the books or catching up on a few reports before end-of-month, there is a desk design and size to suit your home office. Try looking at the range from a retailer such as Super Amart, and pick out the right design for your needs. Once your desk is in place, the rest of your home office can take shape around it.

2. Use a Comfortable Chair

Your office chair should provide you with plenty of back support and be comfortable to sit on. You are at your most productive when you are feeling comfortable, so your chair is an investment in your health and output level. If you suffer from lower back pain, there are a range of lumbar support chairs available. You can also look at adding a cushion for extra padding.

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Tips for Finding Funding for Your Start-Up

Most people don’t know this, but I my day job involves working with VC firms and startups. I basically get to hear pitches every day all day. And while most people think that getting on Shark Tank or finding an investor will help them, the reality is that as incredible as your business idea may be, without the backing of significant funds, getting your business off the ground will be difficult. The reality is that a new business requires cash and there is currently good support for businesses and start-ups, largely through the realisation that small businesses are fundamental to a strong economy.

Tip 1. Explore funding options

While it’s good to know that the importance of small business is recognised, you really want to know how to fund your business. Many different funding options exist and it’s worth exploring them to understand which of these are the most lucrative.

Not all of the funds from your business need to come from one source and you may want to consider finance in the short and long term. As the professionals at STBLA know, a short term business loan can be an ideal solution to getting the business off the ground, with longer-term funding streams also in place.


Tip 2. Know your niche and seek funding related to this

There will almost certainly be something unique and special about your idea and the business you want to create. Don’t overlook the fact that there are particular grants and funding opportunities that exist for specific business owners. For example, grants may be offered for people residing in rural areas of for people facing particular life circumstances, such as single parents.

Ensure that you can clearly define your niche. In the pursuit of funding, offering a clear description of your niche market will interest investors and funds providers who want to know what distinguishes your business from others.

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Why Going To Conferences Is Worth The Money

Conferences are way more than the speakers on stage, they are a lifeline to others just like you- others who are passionate about the same topics, and are quite possibly in the same stage of their career or entrepreneurship journey.

Why Conferences?

I’m a builder by trade. I help people and companies think outside the box when it comes scaling their businesses. It is, and will always be, my passion. That said, it’s really hard to find people who are in the same mindset that I am all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, I did 9 years at one of the biggest communications firms in the country, and totally understand the value and security that having a title at a firm provides, but having friends who all do that makes it really hard to find creative energy when you need it. Conferences, mastermind groups, mentorships, coaches, are all my lifelines to step outside the bubble that surrounds in my day to day live.


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You should always seek value  

To get yourself financially free, to make good investments and to get through life in a calm and relaxed manner – you should always seek value.

This applies equally to picking out your groceries at the supermarket, to buying a car, buying a house or an apartment, picking out investments for your future – and any other transactions you make through life.

So what do we mean by value, exactly? This may seem an obvious question with an obvious answer, but it isn’t. In fact, you could write a whole economic thesis on what does or doesn’t constitute value. But to simplify things, it means buying something at less than what you perceive to be its intrinsic value. This is not to be confused with simply buying cheaply.


The value feeling

You may already know the value feeling you get now and again when you’re in the market for something like a car, a house or something much smaller scale. You look at a few then you see what appears to be the ideal candidate – but it’s markedly cheaper than you would expect it to have been.

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