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Software Startup: Be one or help one?

July 27, 2015

My day job pretty much involves evaluating startup ideas all day, and then building a plan that makes them grow  really quickly. So it goes without saying that I live eat and breathe this stuff all day. That said, I still get questions about the Startup world, and am hoping that this will answer some of the questions.

Are you sitting on a piece of code that needs a little spit and polish to be the next big thing in the software industry? If you’re a talented developer with a particular vision, entering into the software fray today is a risky yet extremely rewarding proposition – if you make it.

You’re probably itching to bring your product to the forefront of people’s consciousness and turn it into a household name ala Facebook, but breaking into the industry is no easy feat. Just ask the thousands of new developers and startups who fail on their first few attempts and run out of funding for their next project.

You must have a Game Changer in your Hands

The first thing you have to consider is to make sure you have something that the public wants and needs, something that nobody else has been able to provide. The world doesn’t need another search engine or another email provider. Your idea or software has to be simple enough to be accepted and practical enough to be used. Your baby has to be a game changer. Lose sight of that and you’re pretty much screwed.

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7 Awesome Reasons You Should Become A Digital Nomad

March 31, 2015

I fell in love with travelling at really young age- my father’s job involved moving to a different country every few years, and he took his young family with him every time. I’d like to think that’s where my wanderlust came from. I can feel at home pretty much anywhere in the world, and the combination of gestures, smiles and the attempt at broken local language can get me through any sticky situation.

I’d like to think that’s where my wanderlust came from. I can feel at home pretty much anywhere in the world, and the combination of gestures, smiles and the attempt at broken local language can get me through any sticky situation.


There is a huge difference between traveling to sight-see and attempting to transform your life to that of a digital nomad. I am attempting to do that latter for the next four-five months.

I write this sitting in a cafe in Lisbon, my home for the last week. Lisbon caps off week two of the next seventeen weeks on the road.

That’s right- I packed up my life in a carry-on (and a purse), and with my Eurail pass in hand, I am working from the other side of the world for the next 5 months.

And you know what? It’s not as hard as you think it is.

Being location independent, or a digital nomad is not certainly not for everyone, but it is so worth it for those who are able to make it work.

Why do I want to work from the road, and not from an office? Because the world is a huge place, and being stuck in one part of it my entire live is a waste. Just because the cubicle isn’t for me right now, doesn’t mean that I need to become a waitress or a street performer to be able to support myself, or save for my future.

I have been extremely intentional with the type of business I’ve created, and how I’ve set up my team. We’re pretty much either working remotely or on client side, and luckily my role doesn’t require my physical presence anymore.

You have to work hard for what you want to have. This 5 month adventure is a my beta-test to see if I can work, travel, and still maintain a work-life balance that motivates me to do more, and be more.

While being a digital nomad might not be for everyone- (it’s extremely hard to do if you have a family, kids, and/or debt), it might be something to consider if seeing the world is on your list of things that will amplify how you feel about your life. Besides who doesn’t want to be working with various cafes all over Europe.

The key to all of this comes right back to being extremely intentional with everything that you do. Whether that’s paying off your debt, or saving for a house or changing careers (all of which I have done over the last few years). Life is a series of steps that leads to things that ultimately makes us content.

Do I have moments where I’ve questioned my own sanity? YES, ALMOST EVERY DAY. But that’s part of my routine. The checks and balances that keeps me from doing things that completely outrageous.

I mean the girl who has an entire closet just for shoes is going to live out a tiny carry-on for 5 months! Not only is it possible, but it’s easy when you really consider the reasons behind it. My goal is to be able to continue creating things that I’m in love with, and placing myself in situations, places, and with people that allow me to do that without restraint.

So if you find yourself wondering if this path is for you, here are 7 awesome reasons why you should be a digital nomad:

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Freelancers: What to do with you tax refund?

March 25, 2015

It’s tax season again!

Are you excited? Well, you should be. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been playing with your tax software to see where you end up this year, and if there are any other deductions calling your name. TurboTax and I are best friends right now! You can check out the TurboTax’s free offerings online as well. 

This is when the rubber meets the road, and you figure out what to invest in with your tax refund.

Let me preface this by saying that your tax refund is NOT a saving plan, or investment strategy.  You shouldn’t “count” on that money. In fact, if you’ve done your account correctly, you shouldn’t be getting a ton back. But in the event that you are getting money back, there are a few things that you can do with the refund coming your way.


Nest egg:

Most freelancers know that it’s really hard to predict what your income will be any given year, so having a nest egg of 3-6 months of expenses in your bank account will give that peace of mind, and help you sleep better at night during the slow months.

This, while not the most exciting strategy, is great for you if you’re just starting out, or have gone through some of your contingency fund already.

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How to make your Resume Stand Out from the Rest

March 1, 2015

Applying for a new job is hard enough as it is, especially when you’re competing against multiple other applicants who may have exactly the same experience and prospects as you do. So how do you get one step ahead of these people? How do you compete?

Below are some easy tips to follow to make your resume stand out from the rest.


Gain Qualifications

The best way to beef up your resume is with a broad range of qualifications that demonstrate diversity as well as a dedication to knowledge growth. However, everyone’s availability is different, and becoming a full-time student or spending large chunks of time driving to and from campus is not always an option.

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5 Startup Business Ideas

February 17, 2015

If you have ever thought that the only people capable of starting up a successful business are those with plenty of money, specialised skills and a lot of good fortune, you may want to think again. There are countless startup business possibilities that can be made successful by people with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds. Below are some ideas.

5 Startup Business Ideas

1. Your Own Telco

Running your own telco represents a great startup business opportunity, particularly for those who have an entrepreneurial spirit, a background in sales, and the ability to effectively establish and maintain relationships with customers. To help make the setup process less overwhelming, there are providers like Telcoinabox who allow you to establish your own startup business with your own brand while enjoying the benefits of using their effective systems and processes.

Pursuing a business in the telecommunications industry means that you will be establishing a business within a growing market with strong profit potential. Although such a startup business requires dedication and commitment, you also have the opportunity to be your own boss and create a lifestyle that you enjoy.

2. Network Event Coordination

More and more people are realising that there are different and better ways to get a job than traditional approaches, such as applying for advertised positions. Consider starting up your own professional networking events at which people can mix and meet useful contacts.

These events should be advertised regularly and, beyond this, you really need to organise a speaker and put on some refreshments. If they find these events useful, people will be willing to pay an admission fee and will appreciate the opportunity to mingle.

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