Cardboard Arcade

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. I went to Vegas, somehow lost my laptop charger, and successfully launched a new non-profit brand. Needless to say lack of a powered laptop left the blog a bit barren. I have been in a slightly emotional mood recently, and have across some gems on the interwebs that essentionally break your heart.

I am a huge supporter of entrepreneurship, and I wholeheartedly believe in the instilling that spirit in children from an early age. Yes, the world can always use more doctors, or engineers, but we need entrepreneurs to start businesses that employ them. So needless to say, it warms my heart when I see children being hustlers and finding ways to make money (legally) early on. This tangent leads to the following video. I hope you’ve all seen it, but if you haven’t you are in for a treat.


One of the things that you may not know about me is that I am a sap. There is an old saying in our parents home that says that I am the perfect target for advertisers. I buy into everything. In fact, I like listening to the commercials on the radio. I laugh, cry, and sometimes answer the questions that might ask. This past week, my lovely brother found  commercial for life insurance and dared me to watch it without crying. I fail.

Can you do better?


  1. says

    Well I just watched the Cain’s arcade video and it was very heart warming. After the comments about the other one though, I think I’m going to have to skip it. It just sounds too sad. The cardboard arcade story is great though.

  2. says

    I too am a sap and proud to be. I have no reservations about crying at things that touch me. These videos, OMG, tear jerker. I personally can’t stand life insurance companies. They don’t care about who dies or lives at all, just the bottom line.

    • Marissa says

      I have high hopes for that kid. I am glad to see that they collected enough money for his college education already.

  3. William Wei says

    What I wouldnt give to learn how you got your design to be so amazing! I mean it. Besides the blog just being awesome this page is too sweet! Its not too flashy. It doesnt do too much with colours and things and the videos you use are perfect for this topic! Really awesome blog.

  4. says

    The kid the first video was such a hustler! There’s no way you wouldn’t just go with the $2 option :)

    As for the second video, what is up?? That was a life insurance commercial? We’ve got Snoopy and Woodstock with Met Life, and they’ve got Good Morning Vietnam for a commercial?

  5. says

    Are suicide rates so high in Thailand that they can actually make commercials like that? I can’t imagine something similar being made in North America… intense.

  6. Belinda Ramirez says

    The second video gripped my heart! How could they make a commercial like that? Agh…

    As for your love for entrepreneurship, I support that cause too. The problem we have now is that only about 15 states are offering finance related courses in high school. This means the best thing that we can do is to financially educate our children early at home.

    Overall thank for this great post.

    Best regards,

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