Camping with the family

January 3, 2013


One of the best choices for a holiday with the family is to go camping. Although there are some people who don’t think the idea of staying on campsites and life in the great outdoors sounds like a recipe for relaxation, you’ll often find that they’re the ones who haven’t tried camping since they were kids.


Today, all the camping equipment is ultra light, easy to put up (and down) and really efficient, thanks to the development of the materials used. So today’s tents really are waterproof, and sleeping bags really do keep you warm. Also the amazing range of clothing for camping and hiking makes a big difference to how enjoyable outdoor activity holidays can be.


How much you enjoy camping will also depend on where you go, of course, and one of the best countries for camping has to be France. Almost every town has a camping municipal (run by the local council) as well as privately-run campsites, so in most popular tourist spots, you don’t really need to book ahead, except for at the height of holiday season.


And then there’s the variety of landscapes you can choose to visit while in France. Whether you like the rolling hills of the Dordogne region, or you prefer to be on the coast with the pine forest backed beaches on the Atlantic coast, or the beautiful coves you’ll find along the Mediterranean coast, there is so much choice. And in the centre of France there are areas like the Massif Central with its mountains and plateaux. These are just a few of the popular areas to holiday in France. It’s unsurprising that many French people choose to spend their family holiday in their own country. When the terrain can change so drastically within a few hours’ drive, it makes sense to explore all that France has to offer before going further afield.


One of the best things about a camping holiday is that you really can give the kids a lot of freedom, with plenty of space on the campsites to run around and play. Usually there are great facilities on offer, too, like indoor swimming pools and kids clubs.


If the last time you went camping was on a muddy camp site in Lyme Regis thirty years ago, it’s probably time to give it another try and see how things have changed!

  • Linda Walters January 8, 2013 at 10:34 am

    It is really fun to go camping as long as it is safe and there is a good spot where there is small number of bugs or insects. Many people find it really fun, even those who have small kids. You just need to think of different games or activities for them.