Buying a Car? Read This First!

November 4, 2012

If you’re thinking about buying a car anytime soon, you need to make sure that you’re getting a good deal.  But when it comes to car prices, getting a deal is always relative!  That is what you need to read these tips below before you step foot at any car dealership!


Focus on Price


The first thing you need to do when thinking about buying a car is research.  You need to research the prices of what they type of car you want goes for, see what every dealer within 250 miles of you is charging for the car, and look on websites like Edmunds and Kelly Blue Book to see what they think the estimated value of the vehicle is.


One you know what people are selling the car for, you have a frame of reference for negotiating at the dealership.  When at the dealer, focus only on price.  Don’t let them haggle with you on the trade in value of your car, the “total transaction price”, or even what your monthly payments will be.  Those are all gimmicks.  Focus on the bottom line price.

 Avoid the Extras

 The dealer will always try to charge you extras to upsell you.  Avoid the extras!  These include warranties, special coatings on your paint, Lo-Jack, and more.  First, many of these aren’t needed in any circumstance.  Second, if you do want to buy any of these, they will usually be cheaper aftermarket away from the dealership.  So save yourself so money and avoid getting sold on these extras.


 Negotiate the Loan Too!

 Finally, don’t hesitate to negotiate on the car loan terms as well.  Remember, these are sales people at every turn, and they get paid more for raising your loan rates.  Shop around first, using places like banks, and online to see what you should be paying for your car loan.  Many dealers will also try to throw in fees to your car loan application, so make sure you really look at everything line by line to make sure you’re getting the best loan possible.