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Stress Factor: Learn How to Deal it For Good

October 31, 2015

Stress is the ultimate silent killer. Better than any apex predator, stress can strike you down when you least expect it. The success rate of stress relies on its ability to exist unseen, and the cumulative effects of its presence are usually fatal. From depression to diabetes to hypertension, stress in life is a definite negative.

But how can you fight something you can’t see?

The best thing you can do when stress is invading your life is not fight it, because “fighting” stress brings yet another stressful situation on top of everything else. The world isn’t perfect, and stress will always be present no matter what. So,instead of fighting stress, you should learn how to manage it.

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How to Shop Online Like a Pro. Pajamas are Optional

October 29, 2015

These days, everything seems to revolve online. Email, social media, cloud computing – the world is getting so digital, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything that’s not connected online or has a hashtag following it around like a Vampire’s familiar. The good thing about all of this convergence is convenience.

In fact, times are so convenient, you don’t even need to get out of the house to buy groceries if you choose to. You can have it shipped to your doorstep! You can shop for just about anything you want online, and the fact that you can do it your pajamas is totally glorious. But like any good thing, there’s a catch: getting a bad deal.

Mercy, Mercy Me

Bad deals are prevalent even in brick and mortar stores. The only difference is, you can check the item all you want for defects or anything out of the ordinary, and request for new stock should you find something wrong with it. When you’re buying something online, you’re at the mercy of the seller, regardless if it’s from eBay, Amazon or some other retail store.

You’re also at the mercy of the shipping company. There are countless stories out there of lost or misplaced items, broken items upon arrival and items that get shipped someplace else by mistake. Despite the readily available tracking number, it’s a nightmare to try and locate your shipment if something goes wrong.

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7 Simple Reasons to Take a Hike

October 27, 2015

Take a hike! It’s literally awesome for your mind, body and soul. Hiking is probably one of the most underrated exercises out there because people tend to think it’s easy and you won’t burn as much calories to stay in shape due to all of the walking, stopping to look at the flowers and stopping to marvel at mother nature’s handywork.

But any form of exercise is better than zero, and a hiker who logs in half a day on the trail is doing way better in terms of overall health and well-being when compared to a person of the same age who logs in half a day sitting in front of a computer updating his social media accounts and eating a Twinkie.

healthy lifestyle fitness sporty woman running early in the morning in forest area fitness healthy lifestyle concept, 7 Simple Reasons to Take a Hike

If you’re still not convinced that hiking is the bomb, here are 7 reasons why going on a hike is the best thing you can do for yourself today and for the rest of your life.

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9 Realistic Things You Can Do to Improve Your Finances Today

September 24, 2015

The Internet is full of advertisements proclaiming you can improve your wealth today. Unfortunately, most of them are scams trying to separate you from your money. However, there are many realistic ways you can improve your finances today – if you have the determination to succeed.
It all begins with your own dedication to a more financially secure future.

9 Realistic Things You Can Do to Improve Your Finances Today<

Maintain a Strict Budget

Many people find themselves in financial dire straights because of a lack of control when it comes to spending. Anyone can build a comprehensive budget plan, but sticking to it is the basis for success. Create a budget for the household that is realistic according to the total income. Keeping to this plan may help you build your finances.

Reduce Small Spending

Although a cup of coffee from the convenience store in the morning might not sound like a lot of money, it can quickly add up. This is only one example of the small purchases you might make throughout the day which can add up to more than $10. When you consider how often you spend, cutting your daily routine of small spending could save you a lot of cash.

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How to Make Your House Look More Expensive On a Budget

September 4, 2015

Did you just move? Bought your first condo? Or did you just move in your significant other? Are you sick of the current way your house looks, but don’t have a huge chunk of change to switch up the decor?

Don’t worry! I have you covered.

Home is decor is such a personal thing. It’s your home. The place that you’re supposed to be most comfortable in. And if you’re anything like me, you long to make it look magazine worthy all the time. I craved the ultra lux, super organized looks that you seen in magazines. The ones that we pin to our home decor boards on Pinterest. The problem is that I travel so often for work, that most of my free time and money are spent on other things.

So I went looking to find ways that I could lux up my place with going over budget or spending more than a few hours.  Are you anything like me?

Want to decorate your fabulous place but don’t know where to start? Have you looked through about a billion design magazines and then thought- I will never be able to afford that! Well, follow along as I show you how to make your house look more expensive on a budget.

How to make your house look expensive on a budget

Good news! Design doesn’t need to mean overpriced. Here are a few small and inexpensive pick-me-ups which can be done for next to nothing and will give your place a whole new feel? Consider the options…

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7 Things you Shouldn’t do While Vacationing in London

August 30, 2015

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, with grand museums, spectacular architecture and a lot of history. Like most major cities however, there are unspoken rules between the locals on what is acceptable behaviour and what can land you on top of the most hated tourist list.

Here’s a list of what you should not do while visiting this fine city.


1.   Ride the Tube at Rush Hour

London is a major business hub and people who work in and around London take the tube to get to work quickly. It’s overcrowded as it is with Londoners jockeying for seats and space, so tourists shouldn’t ride the tube at rush hour to avoid the murderous stares of locals who just want to get to work. This goes double for tourists who travel in a large group and people carrying luggage. Rush hour is from 6am to 10am and 4pm to 6pm. If you must, take the tube in between those times. Try walking or riding the London bus instead. The sights and sounds of London are better seen above ground anyway.

2.   Stand on the left side of an escalator

In London, the left side of an escalator is reserved for people who can’t wait for the lumbering staircase to reach its destination. If you find yourself riding an escalator, don’t stand and clog the left side unless you want someone to politely put you in your place. If you’re carrying any luggage, keep it on your right side because someone in a hurry might trip over it.

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