Are you missing out on finances?

January 17, 2013

One of the perks of working from home is the luxury of taking breaks and watching day time television. And we all know that day time television has the most interesting commercials. Have you noticed that most are geared toward personal injury lawyers? While I’ve always thought of personal injury lawyers as ambulance chasers, but after having a friend not being to work for 2 years after an accident, I am starting to see the need for them.

The best, and most informative commercial that I’ve seen recently talks about there are law firms out there that are willing to represent clients and only take a cut if you win your claim.

The sad thing is that people are not aware of  their options.  Most people don’t even think about consulting a lawyer when they get injured, especially at work. They assume that the accident benefits that they get from their employer is their only option, when, in fact,  it is not.  Years of day time TV watching has taught me that going to a lawyer and getting a second opinion is always a great idea.

The most important thing that most people forget about is that  when you get injured, you lose your ability to earn any sort of income, thus hindering your way of life.  I’m not just talking about being physically disabled, but lack of fun takes a mental toll as well. There is a reason why so many studies found a strong link between depression and physical injury.

You never really hope to see anyone lose their ability to work, but if it does ever happen, examining your resources and options should one of the first things you do. Obviously after getting treatment. Keeping adequate documentation of everything (police reports, medical reports, correspondences, etc) also extremely important. These things help win settlements should your case ever reach that point.  Clearly the goal isn’t to getting money, but getting better, but sometimes you need a little help along the way.

  • Jacko January 17, 2013 at 9:22 pm

    I think that’s the problem people have gotten so caught up that they are confused. We don’t understand what “finances” are, even though we have them.

    Whatever happened just plain old savings?