Achieve your Dreams Without Losing your Cool

July 2, 2013

The challenges of recession and changes to the economic climate throughout the world have resulted in learning new financial lessons. Everyone has goals and dreams that they want to achieve, but it’s not always easy. The last year has been a time of struggle around the world. We have to make changes and adjust so that we can stay ahead of the game. Heeding some of these lessons will make it easier to enjoy reaching your goals.
Stop Listening to the Negatives:
The media and analysts spent many months worried about the financial future of the world, particularly throughout Europe. Although it is important to recognise the changing climate, it is also important to stop listening to the fear-mongering. Note the newsworthy information and ignore the negatives that are causing panic. That prevents people and yourselves from enjoying the time you have, and can stop you from reaching your dreams. Remember to stay positive and never let your dreams slip away.

Always Take Precautions to Manage Risk:
Some dreams have more risks than others. A lesson that many have learned is that it is important to hedge the risks and limit the possible losses. Taking measures to reduce the possible risks is a sensible way to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your dreams, and keep your future looking bright. Although problems can happen, if you’re careful the worst of the risks are reduced and ultimately the gains are much higher when you reach your goals.


Fund your Dreams Responsibly:

Reaching your goals is important, but so is taking care of your finances. Many people will have to get a personal loan at some point in their lives, and there are plenty of lenders out there who are more than happy to help out. When you’re looking around for lenders, make sure to choose one that has a low interest repayment such as Greater Building Society.
Expect the Unexpected:
Life is full of unexpected events and it is important to recognise that every development is not in personal control. When you go out into the world to reach your goals, make sure to stay grounded, because not everything always works out perfectly. If you find yourself in the thick of things with nowhere to turn, make sure you have a backup plan, so you’ll always be safe.


  • J.Mesina July 3, 2013 at 12:27 pm

    It’s very important to put your goals into perspective, if not, you loose out in the end game. But some goals are more complicated than others. I recently started a consulting firm with my boyfriend, about 1 year ago, and it’s been doing pretty well. Unfortunately, the success is getting into our heads, mainly because we have major differences into where to allocate our budget. It’s completely frustrating!
    Some friends are telling me that it’s just a minor thing, since the website is been doing really well, but I don’t want to risk our relationship over a business. Other friends suggest a third party CFO consult like from or whatever. What say you? Am I being a baby, or is an unbiased third party CFO worth looking into?
    Thanks for writing and the insight!
    From: A Financial Dummy with weak constitutions for ties.