8 Gift Ideas for Different Types of Him

March 5, 2014

It’s the man-friend’s birthday next week, and I’m running around trying to find that perfect gift. Is it just me, or are boys harder to shop for than girls? Whatever the occasion, most people can use a little help with gift ideas. Sometimes you know just what to get a certain person and other times you end up racking your brain. If you’re looking for a gift idea for a certain type of fella, this list highlights eight practical and less run-of-the-mill items to inspire you.

For the Go-Anywhere Type of Man

If you want a gift for a guy who likes to travel and enjoys adventure, how about a pair of go-anywhere-do-anything shoes? Austen Heller Penny Strap Loafers are well made, simple shoes for any occasion. For the kind of man who just wants a pair of shoes to slip on and look good in, these shoes will fit the bill. Suitable for working, walking, travelling, dining out, or going to the game, these Austen Heller shoes are high quality; European made and will last a long time. Best of all you can get them at a price, which won’t break the bank.

For the Stressed-Out Type of Man

Stress is unhealthy, so if you’re looking for a gift to buy a stressed-out man, you could introduce him to yoga as a way to relax. Many men wouldn’t take the initiative to try yoga out, for various reasons, but receiving a voucher for some free classes or a yoga mat and DVD could be the perfect incentive. It’s a gift that’s different, shows you know what he’s dealing with and might just save his life.

For the Beer Loving Type of Man

Few men don’t enjoy a drop of beer. If you know a guy who’s a real beer connoisseur though, you can put together a small collection of different beer glass types as a gift. Sure, you could buy him a few different bottles of beer too, but the glasses make a longer lasting gift. Beer glasses come in a number of variants, each designed to unlock the flavor and aroma of different beer types. Do a little internet research, buy a few types of glass, and give him an excuse to discover new beers to try.

For the Beer and Beach Loving Type of Man

Here’s a real niche gift for the guy who loves his beaches as well as his beer. $50 buys a pair of genuine “Reef” sandals with a bottle opener built right into the sole. With these stylish sandals, he’ll look great and never be stuck on the beach without a bottle opener again. With such a stylish look and practical design, you might find he’ll wear them everywhere. Look for them on the Reef website.

For the Type of Guy Who Never Grew up

Do you know one of those young boys trapped in a man’s body? If so, he will love a Hot Wheels Car Maker Play Set. Okay, so the age guide on the box says this play set is for kids aged 8 – 12 years, but don’t be fooled. This gadget turns sticks of wax into fully functional hot wheels cars in moments. The kind of guy who is an eternal boy will be thrilled to receive this as a gift. The kit comes complete with molds, car chassis, stickers, and wax sticks. He’ll be able to buy more wax and different car molds to add to his collection, so there’s plenty of mileage in this novel gift idea.

For the Outdoor Techno Type of Man

Some men love the outdoors, but can’t do without their hi-tech gadgets. If you know a guy like this, you could do worse than get him a Crankerator. No, it’s not a cranky Alligator. A Crankorator is a hand-powered transportable generator that will allow the outdoors type to charge up his iPhone or laptop while on one of his hi-tech wilderness trips. This gift will appeal to his values for sure. He’ll be able to keep his gadgets charged, get some exercise winding up the Crankerator and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

For the Super Hero Type of Man

Looking for a gift for a Marvel Comics Super-hero worshipper? Get him a pair of caped Superman socks. Yes, you can actually buy a pair of blue and red, calf length socks with the Superman logo on the front and a cape on the back of each calf. He might be a little old for a full-blown Superman outfit, but this is the next best thing. He can stay in touch with his favorite Super-hero at work, with these socks hidden discretely under his pants, or show them off with shorts at summer cookouts. That’ll get the neighbors talking.

For the Music Loving Type of Man

Men who love their music usually know good sound quality when they hear it. Buy him a Bose Soundlink Mini Speaker to compliment his tablet or smart phone and he’ll be rocked. Weighing at just 1.5 Lbs. and providing 7 hours of ultra-high quality sound on a single charge, he’ll be able to take this Bluetooth mini speaker everywhere. It’s a little bit pricey at around $200, but you can shop around for discounts to save a little on the purchase. You can also go further and buy a set of meet and greet tickets for the man who wants to hang out with his favorite musician backstage.

There’s a Gift for Every Type of Man

The gifts above were unashamedly chosen for different male stereotypes. Perhaps the man you need to buy for doesn’t fit any of the types in this list. When trying to think of gift ideas though, consider the kind of man you’re buying for and you should find some inspiration for a truly suitable gift.


  • PFUtopia March 6, 2014 at 11:36 am

    I know it’s difficult for my wife to come up with gifts for me mainly because I don’t really ever have anything I’m dying to have. This is a pretty creative list though. Another good one for the “stressed man” is gift certificates for a professional massage. Can’t go wrong with that…