7 Careers that can give you an Obscure, PhD title

September 28, 2015


How far would you go for a paycheck? When times are tough and the economy is going south, you may have no choice. Take solace in the fact that there are bizarre careers out there just waiting for the right person odd enough to apply. Not everyone is built for it, so check out the jobs below to find out if you’ve got what it takes.

1.Professional Line Stander

If standing around all day is your idea of work, you can make a career out it. Work as professional line stander for a Washington DC company called linestanding.com and show everyone your skills at queuing. They’ve been providing lobbyists and Congressional hearing attendees with line standing services since 1985, and they can even help customers line up for Supreme Court hearings. Sadly, the service is only offered in the DC area, so if you really want to be a line stander, you’d have to move there.


Have you mastered the sensitive art of snuggling? If so, then why not try your hand at it. Snugglers can earn as much as $60 for an hour’s worth of snuggling and up to $450 for an overnight snuggle session. Don’t worry, this job is purely platonic and no sex is involved. The pros even make clients sign a waiver that prohibits sex and touching the more sensitive parts of the body. Formerly big in Japan, snuggling has now reached North American shores and is a hit among pensioners and retirees.

3.Sex Toy Tester

If seduction is your game, maybe a career in sex toy testing is in your name. Sex toy companies often use their own employees to test their creations (at home, of course) and report about it the next day, although the legality of that practice is up in the air. If you really want to try your…hand in this sort of thing, look for career openings online. Another way to break into the game is by having your own sex-oriented blog and let the toy companies know about it. They’ll be more than happy to send you sample products to test and blog about, before they go into full production.

4.Friend for Rent

If you’ve been a true friend for many people, why not be a true friend for complete strangers and get paid for the effort? Rent-a-friend.com provides clients with “friends around the world for hire” and the company makes sure that if someone needs a friend for anything – shopping, hanging out, drinking, sports, baking and a whole lot more – they have the ideal BFF for rent. If you fancy being a paid friend, give this job a shot.

5.Golf Ball Diver

The name pretty much says enough about the job. You’ll need some diving gear and diving skills to really be good at this job. It entails you to plunge into the cold, murky and dirty water hazards that the golfers hate and retrieve all the balls that get trapped there. You then clean said balls using a washing machine and re-sell them. Golf ball divers can make serious dough – about $50,000 – $100,000 a year.

6.Ethical Computer Hacker

OK, this seems contradictory, but it’s a real job. Ethical hackers are hired by corporations to hack into their system or network and expose any vulnerabilities a real hacker with bad intentions may exploit. These hackers get paid a lot – from $25k to $130k a year – so if you’ve got the computer skills of breaking and entering, maybe a career in ethical hacking is for you.



7.Urine Farmer

Hunters use doe urine to lure bucks in before killing them. Where do they get it? From urine farmers! It’s not the most glamorous job in the world, but someone’s got to do it. If you don’t find the smell of the ammonia in urine nauseating, a career in urine farming could be in the cards for you.

When the economy’s shot and nobody is hiring, there’s always going to be that strange job that no one’s ever heard about. Whether you’re curious or really looking for work, it won’t hurt to try working in any one of these obscure industries.