5 Reasons to Pursue a Career as a Librarian

August 22, 2017

Digital media has changed the way people search for information. In fact, many people who desired a librarian career thought that digital libraries would replace physical libraries completely. The reality is that the traditional libraries will continue to exist even as digital media expands. Libraries have expanded their range of services to remain relevant in the digital world. If working as a librarian or library assistant is your dream job, here are some reasons why you should pursue this career path.

1. An Ever-Changing Working Environment

Libraries have been changing over the years in response to the rise of digital media. This, in turn, gives librarians a wide scope of tasks to do every day. Today, libraries are offering free internet services, rental boardrooms, rental movies and games, and tech lessons among other services. Hence, if you pursue an online masters in library science, you will have many activities to do every day in addition to the normal librarian duties.


2. Fair Wages

The educational requirements to start a career as a librarian are low. You can start your career without a degree but you will earn low wages. Librarians and assistant librarians without a degree often work on part-time basis. The good news is that their wages are above the federal minimum wage. However, you can earn substantial income from pursuing a library science masters. The University of Southern California is among the accredited universities that offer quality degrees in library science.

3. Positive Job Outlook

Statistics indicate an upward trend in the job prospects of the librarian profession. The upward trend is unexpected given the rise of new technologies. The Bureau of Statistics expects the librarian profession to grow by about 5%, despite the shift to electronic media.

4. A Good Working Environment

Librarians have the best working conditions compared to other professions in the same wage bracket. Despite the changes in the services offered in modern libraries, the working conditions have remained the same. You are guaranteed a clean and quiet working environment every day. You work with people who are in need of information and have no time for unnecessary conflict. Most librarians work on a part-time basis and this gives them enough time for holidays and pursuing their hobbies and interests.

5. Learning Opportunities

You have multiple opportunities to learn and grow while working as a librarian. Libraries are often used as conference venues. Librarians are allowed to attend conference and events held at their place of work. You not only learn from the piles of books in the library but also from top conference speakers. You also interact with professionals every day who come to expand their level of knowledge in their field.


The librarian profession is still a great career path, despite the rise of electronic media. The new technologies have not eliminated the need for print media. In addition, libraries are now offering additional services including rental services and tech classes. Hence, librarians will always have tasks to do every day. Librarians have great learning opportunities and given the reduced number of working hours, they usually have enough time to pursue their personal interests.