5 Leftfield Careers That Can Be Rewarding

October 31, 2018

5 leftfield careers that can be rewarding

The main purpose of work for individuals and companies is making money — but that doesn’t mean that you can’t feel fulfilled at the same time.

Yet with The Conference Board reporting in August 2018 that only 51 percent of US employees feel satisfied with their job, the odds of finding exciting work are almost a coin flip.

However, thinking outside of the box when it comes to vocational choices might mean you end up in a job that’s both stimulating and financially rewarding.

If this sounds like a plan, here are five leftfield careers that can be rewarding.

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  1. Bail bondsman

If TV’s Dog the Bounty Hunter had you perching on the edge of your seat with excitement, perhaps becoming a bondsman with an organization like Bail Bonds USA could be the start of your own exciting career at the sharp edge of the criminal justice sector.

For starters, you’ll need a good knowledge of finance, criminal and contract law — then you’ll have to pass the licensing exam for your state jurisdiction, have enough financial backing to meet surety obligations and secure sponsorship for a surety company.

  1. Private investigator

Fans of film noir who harbor fantasies of becoming hardboiled detectives might want to throw their fedoras into the ring and investigate becoming real life private eyes with a firm like the Pinkerton Detective Agency.

You’ll need to obtain operating and concealed weapon licenses from the state you want to operate in, and a background in law enforcement is advantageous.

  1. Restaurant franchisee

Running your own restaurant where your chef formulates fabulous food might sound superb — but sometimes its best to stick to a tried and tested formula.

So becoming a restaurant franchisee with McDonald’s might provide the balance between being your own boss and enjoying the instant customer appeal of a big brand. Over 90 per cent of this burger giant’s US outlets are operated by franchisees — you could be next.

  1. Demolition therapist

Provided it occurs in a controlled and safe environment, destroying inanimate objects can be one of the most cathartic activities possible.

So setting up a demolition therapy business like New Jersey’s Rage Room could be a fun and fulfilling way to cash in — while helping stressed-out execs and blue collar workers blow off steam by picking up sledgehammers and smashing desks, TVs and ornaments into smithereens.

  1. Online comparison expert

When you run an online ratings and comparison platform, there’s no need to purchase real estate and operational overheads are minimized. But you’ll have to establish good links with partners in your sector and provide a smooth user experience that helps visitors bag the bargains they desire.

Similar principles apply in any industry, but searching for airport parking on a site like Looking4.com should provide some pointers on intuitive design and user-friendly features.

So there are five leftfield careers that can be rewarding — train for a job less ordinary today and banish boring careers forever.

Does your job excite you? Explain why in the comments section.