5 Easy Ways to Feel Accomplished: Make 2014 Your Happiest Year Yet!

We all know that feeling. Your boss congratulates you on a great idea, you hear back about an amazing job offer, and suddenly, you’re walking on sunshine. Feeling like you are on top of your game can do wonders for your self-esteem, your emotional health, and your work ethic. These moments of triumph are therapeutic and rejuvenating, but they can take months of hard work and stress to obtain. Fortunately, there are several simple ways to boost your moral this year without exhausting yourself in the process. Below are just 5 of the many ways to feel great about yourself in 2014.


1. Become a global businessperson: Building a business doesn’t necessarily mean having to deal with a physical store front. These days, it can be much easier (and often, more lucrative) to begin your business from home. Hundreds of businesses have begun online, and some are now worth millions. All it takes is a sellable product, a little help from online resources, and accounts on social media sites. If the idea of building your own page makes you want to crawl into a cave, websites like Shopify and Etsy can be useful because they explain online marketing in Layman’s terms. These sites will tell you everything you need to know about online advertising, SEO-formatting, and web-design. Learn how to sell your stuff online and discover how amazing it feels to be recognized for your talents by people all over the world.

2. Take advantage of online offers: Living the good life doesn’t necessarily have to mean spending a fortune. With websites like Timeout and Groupon, you can browse through hundreds of local deals on spa treatments, meals, shopping sprees, and even vacations. These websites can help boost your self esteem by allowing you to live a life of luxury without going broke in the process.

3. Give back and feel amazing: There’s no doubt about it; helping others can help you as well. Websites like Do-it and VolunteerTeam allow you to find local volunteer opportunities tailored to your specific skills. Not only does it feel great to dedicate your time to a good cause, it also allows you to view the world through a different perspective. Sometimes, seeing the bigger picture can be the best treatment for low self-esteem.

4. Stick to a personal goal: It doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply pushing yourself to wake up at exactly 8:30 every day could do wonders for your morale. Your goal could be to run through the park 4 times a week, cook a nutritious dinner every other night, or see a new critically acclaimed film every Sunday. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, just make sure the rules are clear enough to prevent you from making excuses. Humans are creatures of habit, and establishing a routine that excites you is a great way to make it through each week.

5. Get into DIY: The only thing more satisfying than giving the perfect gift, is making it yourself. Thanks to websites like Pinterest and Buzzfeed, you can find plenty of creative ways to repurpose virtually anything you could possibly own. Working with your hands and producing something you’re proud is guaranteed to make you a happier person. Furthermore, every time a dinner guest compliments you on your hand-made centerpieces, you can sit back and relax; a new wave of personal satisfaction is headed your way!




  1. says

    I’m currently trying to stick to the personal goal of getting up at 6am every day. I’ve managed it for a couple of weeks and I’m finding those first couple of hours before work hugely productive.

    I’ve not really used Pintrest much, but will have to take you up on your tip!

  2. ourbigfatwallet says

    Going global is a great idea. With so many people online more and more using mobile devices the audience for an online business is bigger than ever. SEO is something I’m just starting to learn about and hopefully can make some progress in the future

  3. debtfreeoneday says

    I’m a big fan of DIY and crafts – making something yourself is very satisfying! I definitely want to achieve a few things this year, mostly with making extra money. Achieving my goals would certainly make me happier! I just need to make more time to focus on it.

  4. says

    I’m on a mission to make 2014 the year of MORE! Spend more time on things I enjoy, like family, friends, travel, reading and art, while spending less time on the things that drain my soul. Taking time for self-care is KEY!

  5. says

    Groupons can be pretty cool…there are a lot of choices here in NYC. Might get into trouble though if you start over-buying these deals which may not necessarily be a great deal. But sometimes if you plan on trying that activity anyway, groupon does offer a deep discount.

  6. Student Debt Survivor says

    I’m all about the DIY. I always think about buying a big old farmhouse and fixing it up. More likely in my neck of the woods that will be an overpriced ranch in the suburbs 😉 I’ve found some good deals on groupon in the past, I just hav e to remind myself to use them.

  7. says

    I really like tips #4 and #5. I really get a lot out of DIY type stuff and reach high to hit my personal goals. I really hate Groupon as it makes people spend money they otherwise wouldn’t…

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