4 Easy Ways To Impress Your Winter Date

September 26, 2014

Summer has disappeared fast and we have begun to put our midi dresses, strappy sandals and cami tops into storage. But you’ve been asked on a winter date – your friends most certainly count – and you want to look great whilst feeling warm. Check out our latest top tips for impressive winter date attire.

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Winter Warmers

We absolutely adore it when winter has officially begun and we can wrap ourselves in jumpers, coats and hats. But it doesn’t seem so easy when we are planning an evening date and we want to look our best. We certainly suggest trying to layer your outfit so that you can adapt to any environment. Your stylish winter coat is essential for browsing festive markets and sipping mulled wine together but a fitted cashmere sweater would be perfect for an intimate restaurant date. Shivering is not a good look! Stay comfortable in your winter clothes but add a dash of glamour with your…


Sleek Accessories

When the colder weather rolls around we are less inclined to cover ourselves in last summer’s brightly coloured jewellery. During the winter, we can be a little choosier with our items and pick a few accessories that make a statement without going over the top. Just one skinny chain necklace can make all the difference to your outfit and provide a little glam to our winter clothes. One piece of jewellery that can never go out of fashion is your timepiece. From quirky leather straps to metallic numbers, your watch can look sleek and sophisticated for your winter engagement. For a truly beautiful timepiece, check out the range of Michael Kors watches from specialist retailer Francis and Gaye.

Shoes, Boots And Heels

Sandals have become redundant until next year and whilst that it is tough, we can revel in the abundance of boots that have taken over our high street shops. Flat shoes are not completely out and if the temperature is slightly higher then we suggest taking them out for a spin with gorgeous thick tights. When we reach the minus numbers, it’s time for boots to make an appearance.

Uggs are not our only option and we can remain stylish for our winter date in a pair of popular rodeo boots. Black boots are an essential part of your wardrobe but go a little wild with colour if you are hesitant to leave it behind with your summer outfits. The entrance of winter does not mean we have to eradicate heels – unless snow is falling and you can foresee a disastrous fall! Chunky heeled boots can look just as stylish whilst providing you with a little height and stability.

Winter Beauty

Make-up is never going to keep you warm but it can certainly make you feel a little bolder during the winter. Whilst we do not recommend plastering it on with the view that more is better, a little make up can boost confidence. Avoid heavy eyeliner that will smudge when the snow begins to fall and use reliable waterproof mascara for that same reason. Keep it simple and sophisticated especially if this is a first date but find a little colour in your lipstick and nail varnish. You can never go wrong with a make-up collection from Mac and their winter coloured lipsticks refuse to smudge in harsh weather.

However you choose to design your outfit, you can rest assured that these top tips will keep you feeling warm and looking fantastic for your winter date!




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