2 $50 Old Navy Gift Card Giveaway!

by Marissa on June 14, 2012 · 84 comments

Lets face it, I love shopping. This whole paying off debt thing has put a bit of kink in that, but I like my key pieces, but I try very hard not to go overboard with anything. Obviously, I’m always searching for ways to save money online.  In fact, I do most of my shopping online because it has saved me so much money.  However, one trick I’ve recently picked up on is making sure that I try to use coupons or promotional codes whenever I check out online.  I was surprised to see that most the retailers where I shop always have promotions and discounts on their websites, and I wanted to get a piece of the action.

How It Works

Instead of clipping coupons, online, you must utilize a coupon code or promotional code at checkout.  Most retailers provide these to certain customers, or advertise them on certain places.  What CouponChief tries to do is put all the coupons and promotional codes in one place so that anyone can use them.

Once you know where you want to shop, you need to head over to CouponChief and search for the store where you are making a purchase.  Then, look at the available coupons and codes.  There may be ones for discounts on your purchase, or free shipping, or offers if you spend a certain amount.

Once you’ve decided on the deal you want, simply copy the code and paste it in the “Promotional or Coupon Code” place at the regular online store’s checkout.  If it works, you’ve just saved yourself some money.

Why I Like It

I am a big fan of this site for several reasons.  First, the ease of use – it is so easy to find the coupons that you’re looking for, and they have pretty much every retailer that I’ve ever needed listed on there.  They have many national retailers, which is great.

Second, I’ve found the success rate of CouponChief’s codes to be among the highest that I’ve found online.  This is great, since I don’t have to try multiple codes to get a discount when I check out.

And finally, I love the fact that they have a pays-2-share program where you earn money for sharing coupon codes. I mean, I do this regularly anyway, but to have someone give me money makes it all worth while.


Anyway…. on to the giveaway. This giveaway is divided into 2 parts. The first part is on this blog, and the second part on the newly launched CHIC DARLING. So make you enter both as you can either or.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • petra

    sunsreen, shorts, tanks, a fun pair of sandals

  • anash

    i commented here: http://chicdarling.com/2-50-old-navy-gift-card-giveaway/#comment-40

    Thanks for a super giveaway!

  • anash

    i love the summer trend of modest summer dresses and skirts! full or bright colors and frills

  • http://worksavelive.com Jason

    Hmmm…must haves for the summer. Rest and relaxation is all I really need. A getaway when it gets 100 degrees in KC wouldn’t be bad either.

  • Mary Happymommy

    Maxi dresses, capri pants, and sandals

  • Rebekah

    love shopping at Old Navy!

  • http://www.fromshoppingtosaving.com From Shopping to Saving

    Entered!!! Thanks for this giveaway Marissa :) I love coupon sites too!

    My must haves for this summer are – shorts (I want some bright shorts), neon yellow/coral, lace tank tops, and bright nail polish. Super excited!

  • Jessie C.

    screen and short

  • http://Livesimply-livewell.blogspot.com Allison

    Sunscrren, shorts and racerback tanks!

  • Newlyweds on a Budget

    I really want to get some more colorful tops!

  • Alyssa F

    must haves for summer would be wedges!

  • http://thecollegeinvestor.com Robert @ The College Investor

    Great contest! I must have some new patio furniture for my back deck this summer!

  • Seth

    Board shorts and flip flops at the beach.

  • Jennifer

    Performance tees and running shoes!

  • http://frugalportland.com Kathleen @ Frugal Portland

    Fun! Summer dresses for me.

  • Elena

    Maxi dresses and color block clothes

  • http://seedebtrun.com Jefferson

    My must haves:
    Rest, relaxation, good times!

  • Megan Kirby

    my favorite trend for the summer is white shorts with a cute patterned tank and gladiator sandals! (:

  • ashley

    anything coral!

  • Tara

    My favorite summer trend is neon – neon everything! I’ve been eyeing shockingly bright tees in turquoise and lime green lately.

  • http://www.moneylifeandmore.com Lance@MoneyLife&More

    I ALWAYS check for coupon codes whenever I am buying something online. I normally save at least 10% and it only takes a minute or two. Great tip and I hope more people do this as well.

  • Marilyn

    My summer must haves are orange shorts, a blue striped shirt, and a new water bottle.

  • Marilyn

    I love the summer trend of maxi dresses, and also braids.

  • Rebecca

    I love polka dots as a summer trend.

  • Rebecca

    My must haves for summer are long, lightweight skirts and sandals.

  • http://insomniaclabrat.blogspot.com Allison @Insomniac Lab Rat

    My summer must-haves are sunscreen, sandals, and skirts! I can’t wear sandals or skirts at work though, but at least on the weekends I can!

  • Glogirl

    My summer must haves are sandals and capris.

  • Pinky Sade

    Must have — lip balm, fit flops and a new swimsuit!

  • kelly nicholson

    Leave a comment on Thirty Six Months with what are your must haves this summer?

    ice cream and watermelon

  • http://d paige chandler

    I like the pastel accent trend

  • http://d paige chandler

    My summer must haves are maxi dresses and thong sandals.

  • http://www.streetsmartfinance.org/ Shilpan

    My must have — less stuff, more time for what I love to do, happiness

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  • http://brokenwon.blogspot.com Wendy T

    This summer, I’m kicking up the lipstick into bold color territory!

  • http://frugalginger.com Ashley H.

    Shorts and cute sandals.

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  • Janice Cooper

    My summer must haves are shorts, capri’s and sandals.

  • brandy g.

    i love the summer trend of modest summer dress

  • brandy g.

    Tank Tops, Capri’s and Sunscreen

  • Linda G.

    My favorite summer trend is sandels

  • Linda G.

    I must have a new swimming suit

  • Barbara Montag

    Summer trends – I love the sashed look and more use of lace.
    Thank you.

  • Barbara Montag

    Must haves – light casual jacket to go with my jeans and some chunky jewelry.

  • http://thespanglyprincess.blogspot.com Lynda Del

    Must haves are rompers and designer sunglassess.

  • Susan Ladd

    I would buy school clothes for my grandson. I want to thank you for this awesome sweep and hope to win :) Thanks and Happy Father’s Day !!!!

  • http://www.oddcents.com Dannielle @ Odd Cents

    Since it’s summer all year round in the Caribbean and I love the beach, I must have a nice swimsuit, cool sandals, sunglasses and a huge beach bag that can hold everything.

  • Sherry Compton
  • Sherry Compton

    commented on thirty six months summer must haves

  • Michelle H.

    Favorite summer trend is bright tangerine nailpolish

  • Nikki Leonard

    Must haves are ruffly tank tops and maxi dresses. both are so comfy and flattering to the midsection!

  • Tionda Rae

    My summer must haves are white v neck tee, bermuda shorts, sundresses, a pair shades and gold scandals

  • Jan Messali
  • Jan Messali

    My summer must-haves are comfy sandals, shorts and a sunhat.

  • tamar

    maternity clothes and mositurizer LOL

  • http://jessicaingramphotography.com jinga

    hey :)
    my favorite trends are defiantly summer dresses && love the color coral for this summer as well.
    Thank you
    Jessicasjunk08 at gmail dot com

  • http://www.uhohmom.com Krystal @ Uh Oh Mom!

    Wedge sandles, Summer Dress, Nice tan :D

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  • Trevor C.

    lots and lots of gatorade

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  • http://twitter.com/LT38 Lee Taylor

    I’m all for the ‘casual cool’ trend this summer!

  • http://twitter.com/LT38 Lee Taylor

    One of my ‘most haves’ for this summer is a cool pair of Aviator sunglasses!

  • http://www.donnafreedman.com Donna Freedman

    I tend to put off shopping and since I work from home can wear the same old T-shirts and sweatpants. But I’ve been wearing these shirts for four to nine years and they are starting to come apart at the seams/develop small holes.
    A gift card from Old Navy would let me buy some colorful new garments. Thanks for posting the giveaway.

  • gina

    Lots of flirty dresses & stylish sandals.

  • Linda W.

    sunscreen, a hat, some short-shorts and tank.

  • traci

    my summer must have is anything royal blue

  • http://www.hiyaluv.com gina

    i adore maxi dresses and long skirts! :)

  • http://www.hiyaluv.com gina

    my must haves for summer are quite simple; water and sunscreen:)

  • Kayla

    Sunscreen, sandals, shorts, and a good book.

  • Lauren

    must haves for me would be a great book, some good suntan lotion, a pool to keep cool by, and some good friends/family

  • joel.sternenberg

    yes i like to have that

  • Deanna G.

    My Summer must haves are denim shorts & flip-flops.

  • Courtnie Miller

    Must haves are a bathing suit of course and sunblock!

  • Christina

    My summer must haves are sun screen and a cool skirt or summer dress.

  • clynsg

    I really do need some sandals in different styles and colors.

  • http://hardlyahousewifeblog.com Christy Ann

    My must-haves are retro style dresses and high-waisted skirts, lots of color, and floral prints!

  • trisha mckee

    sandals and sunglasses!

  • AEKZ2

    Sunscreen, flip flops, shorts, and t-shirts

  • shirley zolenski

    I love the new summer dresses out.

  • http://sherrywalker.jamberrynails.net sherry walker

    I love neon colors!

    sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  • http://sherrywalker.jamberrynails.net sherry walker

    my summer must haves are cool & trendy clothes & flip flops!

    sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  • Jan

    braided hair seems hot for the summer.

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