10 Promising Startups to Watch in 2017

May 31, 2017


Avaamo is a start-up that focuses on artificial intelligence and more specifically on applications that manages chatbots. Chatbots are online assistants that will help people during their communications with information from a vast database, that will help people with any subject.

Abalo Publicidad

Abalo Publicidad is a start-up based in Spain that sells well designed and high quality work items such as clothes, pendrives or even agendas. Their targets are companies that aim to equip their employees with all they need for the workplace. It’s also a great place to get work related gifts. In 2017 they have shown promise to reach an even bigger growth.


Cerebras is another start-up that managed to successfully grow while producing security options via artificial intelligence. More specifically, they provide online security solutions for big companies so they protect their rights.


Clarifai is a start-up that created products deals with visual recognition of items. They has received investments from Google and Nvidia to name a few and are one of the most interesting companies to follow in 2017.


Ever had to deal with an artificial intelligence product or service and could not communicate your point properly? Datalog plans to solve that by improving natural language conversations of AI systems. In other words improving communication and smoothing it out.

Wine Outlet

Wine Outlet is responsible for delivering some of the highest quality wines in Greece. This is also why it managed to grow exponentially in the past year and is promising to go even further in 2017. The start-up is an online store with an insanely huge catalogue of unique and great wines. Detailed information about the wines is also included along with many delivery options.

Defined Crowd

Defined Crowd is a start-up that aims to communicate and work directly with scientists assisting them in their project by smart management of data obtained via research. It consolidates the data involved from different researches and does smart pattern analysis, making the results available to the specialists.


Artificial Intelligence has come a long way but Galaxy.AI takes it even further by generating patterns for ailments that past patients have suffered from. By coordinating them, it can determine solutions and improve healthcare in general. Because of this it’s worth following Galaxy.AI in the upcoming years.


If you’re a sports athlete or a coach or in general, part of a team then Hudl is an app you must have heard of in the past year. It’s a unique start-up and app that improves communication between teammates and staff by allowing them to share tips and strategies about the upcoming games as well as information about what nutrition is good for the players.


uSens is a company that aims to combine seamlessly artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Essentially they’ve created VR helmets that are said to provide the most immersive experience any VR system has ever managed to offer thus far.


With so many incredible start-ups it’s hard to choose which ones to follow. Which would you follow?