Save for Future Traveling with Travel Bingo

Plan your own itineraries with a quick bingo game.
Everyone looks forward to getting away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, and while not everyone can make short trips out of the country (or even out of town) several times a year, we all look forward to at least one long-haul trip out a year. These trips are best made with family, and while Thirty Six Months already gave you some tips on planning ffun family holidays on a budget, today, we have another great idea that can help you save on those travel expenses.

Think about how much people spend on travel agents and travel planners, who make a living out of arranging pre-constructed trips for families and large groups of people traveling the world. In your younger years, you’ve probably fallen for the idea of a “stress-free” trip where “everything’s already been taken care of”, but as we’ve often pointed out, planning your own trip yourself is worth the bit of hassle you might feel before the trip. Not only do you get to save more on accommodations and food, but you also get to visit the places you actually want to go to. This is where a game of Travel Bingo comes in, helping you plan your trip, but also making things all the more interesting by adding a competitive spirit to the trip!

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You should always seek value  

To get yourself financially free, to make good investments and to get through life in a calm and relaxed manner – you should always seek value.

This applies equally to picking out your groceries at the supermarket, to buying a car, buying a house or an apartment, picking out investments for your future – and any other transactions you make through life.

So what do we mean by value, exactly? This may seem an obvious question with an obvious answer, but it isn’t. In fact, you could write a whole economic thesis on what does or doesn’t constitute value. But to simplify things, it means buying something at less than what you perceive to be its intrinsic value. This is not to be confused with simply buying cheaply.


The value feeling

You may already know the value feeling you get now and again when you’re in the market for something like a car, a house or something much smaller scale. You look at a few then you see what appears to be the ideal candidate – but it’s markedly cheaper than you would expect it to have been.

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4 Easy Ways To Impress Your Winter Date

Summer has disappeared fast and we have begun to put our midi dresses, strappy sandals and cami tops into storage. But you’ve been asked on a winter date – your friends most certainly count – and you want to look great whilst feeling warm. Check out our latest top tips for impressive winter date attire.

Winter date wear, winter fashion, winter style, chunky hat

Winter Warmers

We absolutely adore it when winter has officially begun and we can wrap ourselves in jumpers, coats and hats. But it doesn’t seem so easy when we are planning an evening date and we want to look our best. We certainly suggest trying to layer your outfit so that you can adapt to any environment. Your stylish winter coat is essential for browsing festive markets and sipping mulled wine together but a fitted cashmere sweater would be perfect for an intimate restaurant date. Shivering is not a good look! Stay comfortable in your winter clothes but add a dash of glamour with your…


Sleek Accessories

When the colder weather rolls around we are less inclined to cover ourselves in last summer’s brightly coloured jewellery. During the winter, we can be a little choosier with our items and pick a few accessories that make a statement without going over the top. Just one skinny chain necklace can make all the difference to your outfit and provide a little glam to our winter clothes. One piece of jewellery that can never go out of fashion is your timepiece. From quirky leather straps to metallic numbers, your watch can look sleek and sophisticated for your winter engagement. For a truly beautiful timepiece, check out the range of Michael Kors watches from specialist retailer Francis and Gaye.

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Sponsored By Holiday Inn, MBAs Drive Purpose Driven Businesses

I’m a sucker for a good story, and for brands who can showcase their mission statements, and their mandates really well. I normally can’t help but be moved by stories of companies helping communities that gather together and rebuild from the ground. You won’t find a better example of that than Holiday Inn.

The video below is the amazing story of a brand (Holiday Inn) that put its money where its mouth is, and helped a great movement called MBAs across America by providing them a great place to stay when they are on the road. . The movement, started by Casey Gerald, pairs MBAs with entrepreneurs for 6 weeks to help grow their businesses, and as a byproduct, help the communities surrounding those businesses thrive. One of the best examples of the success of the program is how well it’s working in Detroit- a city that needs all the help it can get.


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