Time is running out! Prep your Xmas outfit now!

You’re running out of time! You’re counting down the days and pulling out your hair and watching your blood pressure rise in line with your panicked face. Your predicament? You’ve only got a few weeks to choose you Christmas outfit for the work’s night out.

Don't know what to wear this holiday season? Here are 3 easy and simple ways to dress up your holiday wardrobe and look glamourous!

It might seem like a trivial panic, but these are important issues. This could be the only time your colleagues see you in your glad rags for the entire year. But you’ve been working too hard – you don’t have time to find the latest trends.

Fear not – we’ve tracked down a number of fashion must-haves for the festive season that’ll make you the most stylish person at the office night out. Take a look at what we’d recommend and enjoy your festive fashion treats.

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5 Richest and Poorest American States

More than 3 million jobs were added last year and it’s even more than in 2013 when around 2.5 million jobs were added. The quantity of jobs in the end of 2014 exceeded the pre-recession peak in 2008. Despite all the positive changes and improvements, household income levels increased not in all American states. Thus, states with lowest income levels still have quite high poverty rates when in states with highest incomes it’s possible to see the opposite tendency. Poverty rate in states with lowest household income level exceed 15%. Across the country, the poverty rate decreased only in 12 states and only 2 of them were among the states with the lowest income. Let’s take a look at richest and poorest states in America.

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In Search of a Bargain: Sensible Ways to Find the Best Buyer’s Agent Around

The term “real estate agent” applies to professionals of every description in the property field. Those with a real estate degree and a high level of experience tend to be real estate brokers, and they are usually licensed to hire salespeople called agents to help clients with specific aims. Sellers’ agents (otherwise known as listing agents) help property owners who seek to sell. Buyers’ agents help those who are looking to buy property.

If you are in the market for a home to buy, it won’t do to simply go to any agent; if you make the mistake of hiring a seller’s agent to buy property with, you may not get turned down; you won’t get the kind of expertise that you need, though.

Only a few buying agents in any market, typically possess a high level of expertise and success; a 20-80 rule applies in most cases — 20% of the buyer’s agents in a market will usually manage to attract the business of  80% of buyers. If you’re serious about buying well, you need to make sure that you go to the successful 20%. While it may seem insensitive to ask pointed questions but how qualified or experienced an agent is, it’s something you simply need to do.


Interview the agent about their commission

Since buyers’ agents get paid anything between 5% to 10% in commission based on the value of the deal that they push through for their clients, it is natural for them to want to promote expensive homes over cheaper ones. It’s important to have a conversation with any agent that you are serious about.

Buyers’ agents typically split their commission with the listing agents that they work with in a partnership that ends up pushing high-priced real estate over the lower-priced kind. You need to talk to your agent to make sure that this type of sharing doesn’t happen in your case. This can help correct the drift towards expensive listings.

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Frugality for Better Living: Spending Your Money on What Really Matters

When you think of frugal living, what comes to mind? If you’re like many, you imagine Ebenezer Scrooge keeping all his money to himself. But true frugality isn’t being miserly. According to Merriam-Webster, frugality is the act of being “careful about spending money or using things when you do not need to”. It is being intentional about your spending. Proponents claim that it provides them with a lower budget but a higher sense of satisfaction with their life of less “stuff”. If this sounds like something you need in your life then read on.


Extricate the Clutter


The first step to becoming more frugal is to remove every item in your life that isn’t serving a positive purpose. This includes the items in your home and storage, extra spending in your budget, and time wasters on your calendar. If it’s something you haven’t used in several years and won’t in the next few, donate or sell it. If it’s broken, recycle it or throw it away. Most of us have more items than we will ever use and clearing these out will save space. The next item to clear is extra spending. Examples of ways to save include disposable items that could be replaced with re-usable items (such as paper napkins instead of cloth), going out to eat, eating pre-packaged foods, and taking the car when walking or the bus would do. If you need more tips for saving money, The Telegraph has a few ideas. The final items to cut are the time wasters. What hobbies or activities are taking up your time but not adding emotional value? Cut those out of your life to free up time for activities that bring enjoyment to your life.

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