How to Turn an Attic Space into a Stylish Bedroom

If you’re already using your garage for storage and you’re looking to utilise the attic space in a similarly useful way, why not create another bedroom?

Even if you have all the rooms you need, guests are an inevitable part of everyone’s life, and the attic can provide you with enough freedom to create an entirely new and innovative sleeping space.

Of course, there are a few alterations you’ll need to make before moving the furniture in, alterations that will be covered in the paragraphs below. Here are a few things to consider when turning your attic space into a stylish bedroom.


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Tips to Get the Working Year off to a Good Start

It’s January and it’s back to work. You’ve had a bit of time off over Christmas and now it’s time to roll up the sleeves and get stuck back into it. While it can be difficult to shift from ‘holiday-mode’ to ‘work-mode,’ here are some great tips to help you get the working year off to a flying start.


Revisit Your Goals

Your business plan should clearly outline where your business is heading and how it’s going to get there. At the start of the new year, take some time to reacquaint yourself with these goals and make sure you’re on track to achieve them. Perhaps you might want to tweak them a bit to align with new strategies or circumstances. Think of yourself as the captain of a ship; you need to navigate the seas by plotting your position constantly without ever losing sight of your destination.

Review Your Resources

Having the best business plan in the world means very little if you don’t have the right resources to implement it. Perhaps you need to review your staffing arrangements or agreements with external contractors. Do you have the right people for the job and do you have too much or too little work for them? Are there more flexible HR solutions that you could implement to help boost your productivity while keeping your expenses to a minimum? There are plenty of things to think about in this category, so dedicate some time to map out the needs of your business.

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Low Budget Entertainment Ideas

When you think entertaining, it’s easy to imagine hours spent slaving away in the kitchen to create the finest of buffets to impress friends. But who says entertaining shouldn’t be easy or inexpensive? Here are some creative and fun entertaining ideas that won’t break your back or your budget.

Ultimate Barbeque

A backyard barbeque is the quintessential way to embrace low budget entertaining in a really casual way. It’s a relaxed way to spend an afternoon or evening with minimal preparation or cost. Most people expect to bring something to barbeques so encourage them to do just that. One friend brings the sausages, another the meat, someone else the bread and you provide the salads. And don’t forget the drinks! These days, backyard barbeques aren’t restricted to meat, so check out the websites of barbeque experts such as BBQ Galore for the latest products, ideas and recipes.

Themed Parties

Have some fun with your entertaining by embracing a theme. This doesn’t mean going to great expense either. Pop down to your local op shop for extra supplies and decorate to your theme from there. Themes could include Mexican night featuring enchiladas or tacos, a Great Gatsby inspired cocktail party, or really have fun with a hillbilly theme featuring mismatched plates, jars as glasses and an easy-to-make stew for the main course.

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