Stress Free Party Planning on a Budget

Planning a party shouldn’t be a hair-pulling, anxiety-ridden affair that’ll leave you stressed out and edgy come party time. It’s all about your approach to planning and the little details that go with it. Become the hostess with the mostest by following these party planning tips that will leave you fresh and fabulous come party time.

Set a Budget

Determining how much you’re willing to spend for a gathering is an excellent way to kick off your plans. By setting a budget, you’ll have an idea how big the party’s going to be, how much food you’ll need, how many guests you should invite, how to decorate your space and other important factors that make a good party. You’ll also save yourself from a budget hangover the next day.

Don’t Invite Everyone

Throwing a party is a skill, but handpicking your guests is an art. Invite people that are fun to be around, engaging and require zero babysitting. Another batch of people you want around are those you haven’t seen in a while and want to catch up with, those who have interesting backstories or careers and those you just love hanging out with. Trimming your guest list will also let you focus more on talking to everybody and not spending a small fortune on food and drinks.


Simplify your Menu

Keep the menu light and easy. Thinking of a theme for food is an excellent way to simplify, because you’ll just be focusing on one or two dishes. Having a seafood theme for example, is a great way to cut prep time and just use most of the same ingredients for all your dishes. Want to keep it even more simple? Pizza. Who doesn’t love pizza? It has everything – carbs, protein, fat and veggies. It’s easy to eat, you don’t need any utensils and it’s cheap. Another good idea is to just serve finger food and make it an after dinner party.

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9 Realistic Things You Can Do to Improve Your Finances Today

The Internet is full of advertisements proclaiming you can improve your wealth today. Unfortunately, most of them are scams trying to separate you from your money. However, there are many realistic ways you can improve your finances today – if you have the determination to succeed.
It all begins with your own dedication to a more financially secure future.

9 Realistic Things You Can Do to Improve Your Finances Today<

Maintain a Strict Budget

Many people find themselves in financial dire straights because of a lack of control when it comes to spending. Anyone can build a comprehensive budget plan, but sticking to it is the basis for success. Create a budget for the household that is realistic according to the total income. Keeping to this plan may help you build your finances.

Reduce Small Spending

Although a cup of coffee from the convenience store in the morning might not sound like a lot of money, it can quickly add up. This is only one example of the small purchases you might make throughout the day which can add up to more than $10. When you consider how often you spend, cutting your daily routine of small spending could save you a lot of cash.

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Top British Bedroom Ideas

With Queen Elizabeth II shortly to overtake Queen Victoria as our nation’s longest serving monarch, it’s yet another excuse to celebrate the best of British.

And as this island is famous for a wild variety of highly recognisable motifs from bright red post boxes to the splendour of the Union Jack, it’s an interesting task to see how these themes can be implemented in the home – in particular, the bedroom.


Red white and blue



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How to Make Your House Look More Expensive On a Budget

Did you just move? Bought your first condo? Or did you just move in your significant other? Are you sick of the current way your house looks, but don’t have a huge chunk of change to switch up the decor?

Don’t worry! I have you covered.

Home is decor is such a personal thing. It’s your home. The place that you’re supposed to be most comfortable in. And if you’re anything like me, you long to make it look magazine worthy all the time. I craved the ultra lux, super organized looks that you seen in magazines. The ones that we pin to our home decor boards on Pinterest. The problem is that I travel so often for work, that most of my free time and money are spent on other things.

So I went looking to find ways that I could lux up my place with going over budget or spending more than a few hours.  Are you anything like me?

Want to decorate your fabulous place but don’t know where to start? Have you looked through about a billion design magazines and then thought- I will never be able to afford that! Well, follow along as I show you how to make your house look more expensive on a budget.

How to make your house look expensive on a budget

Good news! Design doesn’t need to mean overpriced. Here are a few small and inexpensive pick-me-ups which can be done for next to nothing and will give your place a whole new feel? Consider the options…

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