5 Tips for a Productive At Home Office

Working from home can be a blessing. Instead of spending your day commuting, you can focus on your projects from the comfort of your own house. To ensure you stay productive while at home, check out these tips for styling a functional home office.


1. Buy a Good Desk

Your desk is the key piece of furniture in your office. It will be the home for items you rely on during the work day. A beautiful and functional design helps you concentrate on work, rather than spending your time shuffling around papers and cords. Whether you will be working from home full time, balancing the books or catching up on a few reports before end-of-month, there is a desk design and size to suit your home office. Try looking at the range from a retailer such as Super Amart, and pick out the right design for your needs. Once your desk is in place, the rest of your home office can take shape around it.

2. Use a Comfortable Chair

Your office chair should provide you with plenty of back support and be comfortable to sit on. You are at your most productive when you are feeling comfortable, so your chair is an investment in your health and output level. If you suffer from lower back pain, there are a range of lumbar support chairs available. You can also look at adding a cushion for extra padding.

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Get The Credit You Deserve for Your Education – Credit Union Student Lending

Recently, I ran into my young cousin, who just started her final year of high school. As we spoke about the excitement of the home stretch of high school, my cousin and I began talking about university and the financial difficulties that she may face to pay for her future education. Coming from a family who does not qualify for provincial student loans but requires assistance has put my cousin in a tough position.

Luckily, one of the wonderful things that have come out of my credit union research is the fact that they are able to help students and offer strong education lending programs to make your degree a reality.


When it comes to student loans, credit unions have been a best-kept secret. Until recently, I did not even know they provided loans for education! Aside from the Canada Student Loan Programs and traditional bank loans, credit unions offer personal loans to students with what appears to be a lot less red tape or limitations. Credit unions appear to evaluate each prospective post-secondary student as a unique, individual case. This allows for more possibilities when it comes to obtaining a student loan. It also provides students with specialized individualized attention, where each situation is examined, evaluated and awarded in a unique way.

In assisting each prospective student with their own distinct case, credit unions treat each case on an individual basis and focus on providing flexibility when it comes to education funding for students. They are also able to provide their student members in-depth financial guidance, which helps in easing the mind as they enter this next stage of education, as well as setting up a long-term plan to pay off the student line of credit as fast as possible.

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Credit Unions and Cars – The Simple Purchase

As of this December, the lease on my second car will be up. After eight years of leasing cars and enjoying two new vehicles in a row, I have taken it upon myself to figure out what will be better financially for my next set of wheels. To lease or to buy? That is the question!

When I got my first car at the age of 23, I was so excited. I remember picking up my brand new car, which was a trendy hatchback model in dark blue, and driving off the lot with a big smile on my face. I admit it though – my parents were amazing and covered the costs of this car to allow me more financial breathing room. However, I knew this would not last forever.

With my second car, I leased again and was fully financially responsible this time. The idea of trading in a well-used car of four years for a brand new one also excited me. With only one more month to go, and being more financially conservative than ever, I wonder, would it be a better investment to finance to buy? And how would I make purchasing a car a reality?

xCredit Unions and Cars – The Simple Purchase

When you are going to purchase or finance to buy a car directly through a dealership, they have their own agenda. They invite you in, give you a tour around the showroom, take you out for several test drives and butter you up until you are sitting in their finance office, signing on the dotted line. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dealership and the brand of car that I have been loyal to for eight years. However, as a young professional, I am starting to wonder if leasing is financially smart at this point or not.

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Tips for Finding Funding for Your Start-Up

Most people don’t know this, but I my day job involves working with VC firms and startups. I basically get to hear pitches every day all day. And while most people think that getting on Shark Tank or finding an investor will help them, the reality is that as incredible as your business idea may be, without the backing of significant funds, getting your business off the ground will be difficult. The reality is that a new business requires cash and there is currently good support for businesses and start-ups, largely through the realisation that small businesses are fundamental to a strong economy.

Tip 1. Explore funding options

While it’s good to know that the importance of small business is recognised, you really want to know how to fund your business. Many different funding options exist and it’s worth exploring them to understand which of these are the most lucrative.

Not all of the funds from your business need to come from one source and you may want to consider finance in the short and long term. As the professionals at STBLA know, a short term business loan can be an ideal solution to getting the business off the ground, with longer-term funding streams also in place.


Tip 2. Know your niche and seek funding related to this

There will almost certainly be something unique and special about your idea and the business you want to create. Don’t overlook the fact that there are particular grants and funding opportunities that exist for specific business owners. For example, grants may be offered for people residing in rural areas of for people facing particular life circumstances, such as single parents.

Ensure that you can clearly define your niche. In the pursuit of funding, offering a clear description of your niche market will interest investors and funds providers who want to know what distinguishes your business from others.

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